the backward step

my brother taught me how to cha cha when i was a kid. it’s one of my favorite dances to do, because it’s easy. two steps forward, two backwards. 


robert brault said an optimist is “someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha-cha.” been trying to live that recently. i haven’t really updated about me or life recently, because i took the backward step. i think (i’m stressing the, i think part) the big lesson i was supposed to get out of this is to not stop dancing. i got a job again. then i left that job and went back to freelancing. there’s a lot of other stuff that goes into that story, that i don’t really want to unpack, but i think if you’ve followed the blog you know why that was the backward step. 


i’ve been good. there’s the uncertainty and anxiety and self-deprecation that come with the backward step, but i’m still dancing and will figure out what the forward step is. i’ve been really big on the introspection and thinking about the coming year. i realized of the 27 new habits i wanted to cultivate this year and goals i had for the year; i worked diligently at 17 of them and i feel like i did a good job being true to them. and maybe in 2016 i need to make a shorter list.


as i’m looking to change things and figure out what i want my career to look like, the format of the blog might be changing a bit. i’m still playing with some ideas, so i don’t want to throw anything out there yet.


also, i should probably say that you won’t hear from me until the end of november, because my #nanowrimo project is still in the first act.