Fictional Fashion Icons - Hilary Banks

More fun new posts! This new bit is something I'm calling "Fictional Fashion Faves". There are some characters from television and film (and literature too, I suppose), who are just a cut above the others. The stylists for the show go above and beyond to answer the call and leave us with characters who's fictional closets we covet.

First up on my list? Hilary Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Okay, a quick reminder if you don't remember the HBIC, Hilary. Hilary was the oldest daughter of the Banks family. She was basically a typical LA girl; snobby, shallow trendy environmental activist, impulsive, attractive and extremely self-centred. She often claimed to hobnob with celebrities and loved being mistaken by people for Whitney Houston. So basically, my hero. Hilary, despite her mean girl characterization was full of integrity, loved her family, made the best of dropping out of UCLA, and started her own daytime talk show. She was nice to Jazz and didn't play with his feelings; even though she totally could have. And she had major character development when her fiancé died. 

Now, let's talk about how she dressed. Hilary accented her wardrobe with a lot of hats, which I love, because my Grandmother was a southern church goer and I learned early there is nothing better than a nice hat. This show aired in the '90s, so there were tons of body hugging silhouettes and blazers. I've got to say; for a show that's never twenty years old, most of Hilary's outfits could totally work today, and that's without the '90s revival we seem to be in the middle of. 

Take a look at these pieces. 

All images are own by NBC. Etc. Etc. Don't sue me.

Can I start with the top row? I need that outfit in all black and I need it now. NOW. Those bodycon dresses? Totally modern.  Hilary was all about vests, and while it's not totally my style, it works. It just works. There are tons of bold patterns here, which I love. BLAZERS. Jackets are way more important to my style than they probably should be - - I live in LA. Lastly, I wanna talk about Hilary's wedding dress and how she awakened by inner goth by dying it black in mourning after her fiancé Trevor died. 

In conclusion, Hilary Banks was everything and I definitely look to her for fashion inspiration. Who's your favorite fictional '90's fashion icon? Drop it in the comments, or hit me up via twitter or instagram (both profiles are linked)! 

Until next time!


Welcome Back, Babes.

I originally meant to take six weeks “off” from the blog. It wasn’t really meant to be time “off”. It was time for the site to go dark, so I could create this new layout, take more photos (i never ever have enough photos — I need an Instagram husband), do more research and learning about successful blogging and social media marketing, and spend a lot of time hunkered down and writing. It didn’t really play out like that. It’s been 12 weeks. We’re approximately 120 days into the year (depending on which day I actually publish this and let the new design go live). It’s been an interesting 120 days, but I don’t think I have to tell you that. I’m sure you’re feeling it yourself. Everyone I know has been out of sorts lately. That’s really why the blog has been on hiatus for the “extra” 6 weeks. 

I really haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I’m shedding. Molting. Turning into a new person, or a better improved version of who I’ve always been? I’m putting wordy spin on the fact that I’ve been in more shitty moods than good ones and have been confused by life recently. More often then not I’ve looked in the mirror and wondered, who the hell is that looking back at me and do I like her? The answer is, yes. I think I like her. Who is she, though?

I’ve never properly introduced myself on the blog, so I suppose our “relaunch” is as good of a time as any. I’m A Jordan Lambert. Named after my mother and my grandfather, who are incidentally two of my favorite people to ever live. I’ll be 29 in about six weeks. I’m at the very end of my twenties, and instead of being freaked the fuck out, I’m inspired about what comes next. As I get closer to the end of my twenties, the more I find myself thinking about “my inner child” and who I was and what I wanted as a kid. I think I’ve got a good read on myself and who I am and have stayed true to my course. That’s pretty exciting and inspiring. I grew up in San Pedro, California, but all of Southern California is my playground. I spend more time in LA proper and Orange County than I do in San Pedro. I’ve moved away from that godforsaken town once; to go to my small liberal arts college and then I came back, because it was best for me and my family at the time. I’ve got to get out again, soon. San Pedro makes me itchy. It’s got a small town mentality and that’s not my frame of mind at all. I’m very much a “city girl”. I love museums, shopping, theme parks, concerts, craft beer, artisan sandwiches, driving over the speed limit late at night, going out dancing, learning new things, traveling; all of those posh trivial, yet meaningful things that turn into perfect moments for Instagram and Pinterest. Someone recently asked me what I was inspired in by; I told them Los Angeles, art in all of it’s forms, and the people I love. 

So why the hell do I have a blog? Who do I think I am exactly? I love to write. It’s the only thing I’ve ever consistently loved in my life. I make a rather decent living writing in the marketing department for a brand that I’ve admired and respected since I was a pre-teen. It’s the most fulfilling “job” I’ve ever had, but I still have more to say. This blog is really about me. I’m vain and self-centered. I can freely admit that. I’ve been writing about myself online for over a decade; Livejournal, anyone? However, I aim to make this more than that. I’ve said before, I want this website to be a lifestyle destination for women who are more Hayley Williams/Lyn-Z Way than Lauren Conrad/Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m opinionated as fuck, always on the go, busy and weird and crazy, and I also have good fucking taste. Beauty, fashion, interior design, music and art, food, fandom culture, live experiences, travel…There’s going to be a little of everything here. My personal style is a bit more grunge/goth than anything else, but there’s certainly some boho inspiration in there and I love high fashion. Makeup and wigs are basically my favorite thing ever, and you’ll never catch me without either one on. The best place to catch me? At a show, a theme park, or trying to find my next trendy hand crafted meal. This blog is going to be a record of those things; my life, however it’s also going to be about you. Deconstructing my life, my view, for you. 

I’ve got a lot of new and fun things planned for this space; and I’ve actually got a scheduled calendar now. I can’t wait to see what we do around here. 


Oh, 2016. what a sly little devil.

well, here we are. the last day of 2016. in my final post of 2015, i said 2015 was garbage. if i was correct, and 2015 was garbage, then in 2016 we lit 2015 on fire, and we had a fucking garbage fire. the first few days of 2016 were quiet and i was blessed enough to spend them with loved ones. my best friend and i were having drinks on david bowie's birthday and i was talking about how much i loved him as the dj spun "modern love" and "china girl" back to back while wearing a labyrinth tee. i told him that black star was a brilliant album, but it was very dark and moody. david bowie was dead two days later. sharing something beautiful to be followed up by something painful basically describes the year i've had; the year i think most of us have had. the death of so many luminous artists. flint. aleppo. philando castille. standing rock. brexit. trump. but, there were babies born and weddings. laughter and joy. live music and good movies and new restaurants and great books. there was a lot of good and bad. i started the year in a very dark place. i wasn't working and that affected my mental health deeply; i'm still clearing some of the cobwebs and rebuilding my life financially. however, i'm ending the year happier than i've been in a very long time, and in awe of how much can change in twelve months. i found work i love, i fell in love again (it didn't work out), i went to shows, i made new friends, i made new bonds with old ones. it was an interesting year, and one i'm not likely to forget soon.



i was able to spend a lot of time with my mom this year. i went to more shows that i can remember. i took a few road trips. i reconnected with my big sis. i watched my friends' children grow. i started a job i love. i lost weight, and then gained it, and then lost it again. there was so many good albums released this year. i grew. that's what i'm most proud of this year. i grew by leaps and bounds. things i had learned about myself over the past few years i put into application and i became a better person. i was able to end regular treatment with my therapist; we both agreed that my mental health was the best it had been since i started seeing her, and i was applying the things i'd learned. i hate to be cliche, but i've really begun to live my best life. 


where do i even fucking begin? everything felt brutal and raw this year, like poking an open wound. and on one hand, it made the good times feel that much better, but on the other hand, the rest of the year felt like having an anxiety attack while being hung over. the world lost a lot of heroes; to paraphrase my friend richard, "people who have influenced us, who played characters that we only dreamt of being, that we pretended to be when we were young (or even now), who's music got us through hard times (breakups, deaths, and more), who shaped who we are with their music, their characters, or just their lives". hatred and bigotry were normalized and applauded. innocent people were murdered by their governments, and it was broadcast for our consumption. there was so much ugliness, and i'm afraid it's only going to get worse.


this year was a ridiculously good year for music, and there are still a bunch of albums i haven't been able to listen to yet.

david bowie; black star // panic! at the disco; death of a bachelor // the hamilton soundtrack // rihanna; anti // sia; this is acting // ra ra riot; need your light // the 1975; i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it // hands like houses; dissonants // macklemore & ryan lewis; this unruly mess i've made // gwen stefani; this is what the truth feels like // zayn; mind of mine // baby metal; metal resistance // the lumineers; cleopatra // the deftones; gore // sleeping with sirens; live and unplugged // the used; live and acoustic at the palace // blaqk audio; material // beyonce; lemonade // pierce the veil; misadventures // issues; headspace // tiger army; v // beartooth; agressive // band of horses; why are you okay // nick jonas; last year was complicated // bat for lashes; the bride // blink-182; california // emarosa; 131 // good charlotte; youth authority // billy talent; afraid of heights // crystal castles; amnesty // frank ocean; endless and blonde // lindsey starling; brave enough // britney spears; glory // carly rae jepson; emotion: side b // a day to remember; bad vibrations // travis scott; birds in the trap sing mcknight // of mice & men; cold world // skylar grey; natural causes // every time i die; low teens // banks; the alter // solange; a seat at the table // phantogram; three // set it off; upside down // lady gaga; joanne // avenged sevenfold; the stage // waterparks; double dare // sleigh bells; jessica rabbit // miranda lambert; the weight of these wings // the weeknd; starboy // childish gambino; awaken, my love!

look below for my 2016 most listened to on spotify playlist*. 


not such a good year for movies though.

pride and prejudice and zombies, deadpool, zootopia, captain america: civil war, keanu, ghostbusters, star trek beyond, pete's dragon, blair witch, the girl on the train, doctor strange, loving, fantastic beasts and where to find them, moana, rogue one, fences, hidden figures


i'm behind on some of the new shows that premiered this year; binge watching has ruined me and i never watch things as they air anymore. of what i saw; i have to call out stranger things and westworld, obviously. i'm also gonna give it up to this year's season finale of game of thrones, and the episode of scandal where OP had an abortion on screen.


i think i read even fewer books this year than last year. that makes me really unhappy, however, there's a plan in the works to combat that and you'll know more about that soon. that said, there were a few standouts for me this year.

ready player one by earnest cline (i can't believe they're making this a movie. how?? how is this all going to fit into one movie?).

liar by justine larbalestier (i stayed up and read this is one night. in fact, i might read it again over my long weekend).

gray by pete wentz (this book made me feel nostalgic in a good way. the end gutted me).

more happy than not by adam silvera (i read it twice this year, both times in less than 24 hours).

moonshine by alaya dawn johnson (the vampire novel market is over saturated, but i genuinely enjoyed this).

love in the time of global warming/the island of excess love by francesca lia block (so much yes to both of these).

wood nymph meets centaur by francesca lia block (turns out i'm a banshee/vamp and should be dating centaurs instead of fuckboys. who knew?).

armada by ernest cline (i'm willing to bet earnest cline spends a lot of time on reddit talking about how cool he is).

harry potter and the cursed child (harry potter: the christmas special/also, don't fuck with time travel, a cautionary tale. i liked it tho).


abundance in all areas of my life.


find fulfilling work--i definitely did this and i feel like the luckiest girl ever. i work for a company and brand that i've admired since i was a kid. i get to write about music and pop culture everyday. there's a civic component. i work with amazing people in a culturally rich environment. there are tons of benefits. i know i'm going to grow and further my personal goals here. it's just a really good fit, and it couldn't have come sooner or worked out better for me.

work/life balance--this evened out when i found my current job, but it was shit the first half of the year. i wasn't working steadily, so i felt guilty for trying to have a social life, because i shouldn't have been spending money like that. then, i was working at a start up in santa monica and spending 3.5 hours in traffic everyday and wanting to die, and i didn't even like the job. i am now in a job that i enjoy, my commute (while still being long) is shorter, and i make enough money to enjoy myself without being worried about the bills.

beautify my home life (my place kinda looks like leslie knope's)-- i sucked at this. if anything, i made things worse.

revamp my wardrobe-- this goal is a work in progress, but i am much closer to where i'd like to be in my overall personal style and my closet has grown dramatically this year. fashion is always evolving, anyway. i'm gonna call this a win.

eat better food-- i did a lot better at eating mindfully and varying what i ate, so i didn't end up in a food rut, but i was not as healthy as i wanted to be and my weight certainly fluctuated. i do want to trim a few pounds in the coming months.

purge unwanted and unnecessary junk-- if we're talking about people and relationships, then yes i did that. if we're talking about actual physical stuff, i failed.

spend more time outdoors-- if by outside, we mean under my covers with netflix, then yes, yes i did this.

-2017 GOALS

make this blog a priority

do more creative work

spend more time actually outdoors

move (preferably to mid-city, silverlake/echo park, or long beach)

get more tattoos

dance more

take moxi skate classes

start circus training again


lastly, a bit of blog news. this site is going to be going purposefully dark for about six weeks or so. not that it would be surprising, considering i haven't adhered to a regular publishing schedule to begin with. like it says above, i'd like to make this blog and my creative pursuits a priority in 2017 and give this space my best; so i am taking some time "away", to revamp this space, organize and beautify it; and make a plan and schedule for 2017. when i come back, things are going to be better than ever. promise.

until then.