good riddance, two thousand and fifteen


i love new year’s eve. halloween is my favorite holiday, but new year’s eve is a super close first runner up. i love a good party. i love shiny clothes. i love fellowship, and hope for something new. this year was…garbage, to be quite honest. so this particular symbolic ending is very important to me. i have (privately) blogging since 2003 and most years since 2006 i have compiled an end of the year wrap up, so here we go…





xtrmst @ the roxy

sirose’s wedding

liz’s 30th

bvb @ the fox

walk the moon @ the palladium 

age of ultron 30 people deep with my work family

my first trip to seattle 

my niece’s prom

sirose’s birthday party

louie’s birthday party

my niece’s graduation

my going away party

ed sheeran @ the hollywood bowl

sam hunt @ irvine meadows

anime expo ’15

comic con ’15

juliette and the licks @ the el rey 

darius rucker @ irvine meadows

warped tour 2015

scare la

hanging out with my mom so much

wedding/baby season

dear boy in store

becoming a sigma kappa advisor

taste of chaos 2015

florence + the machine at the bowl

good charlotte

annual friends disneyland christmas day 

star wars lightsaber battle

friendsmas dinner

the academy is… almost here 10 year reunion show




this year is always going to marred by two things in my memory; the death of my grandmother and leaving my job at apple. i don’t think i really need to espouse about that. quitting my last job was like a really bad break up, and i’m still having a hard time dealing with it; there’s a lot of shame and regret and what ifs and what nows in my mind.




sleater-kinney; no cities to love // marilyn manson; the pale emperor // fall out boy; american beauty/american psycho // falling in reverse; just like you // kelly clarkson; piece by piece // madonna; rebel heart // sleeping with sirens; madness // purity ring; another eternity // best coast; california nights // mumford & sons; wilder mind // florence + the machine; how big, how blue, how beautiful // muse; drones // adam lambert; the original high // of monsters & men; beneath the skin // ryn weaver; the fool // sam hunt; montevallo // passion pit; kindred // cold war kids; hold my home // carly rae jepson; emotion // hilary duff; breathe in. breathe out // the weeknd; beauty behind the madness // honeyeater; self titled ep // set it off; duality: stories unplugged // the neighborhood; wiped out // melanie martinez; cry baby // halsey; badlands // chvchers; every open eye // disclosure; caracal // grimes; art angels // ellie goulding; delirium // 5 seconds of summer; sounds good, feels good // justin bieber; purpose // one direction; Made in the AM // kid cudi; speedin bullet to heaven // kacey musgraves; pageant material // 



jurassic world and the force awakens. duh. did anything else even come out this year? oh, inside out and cinderella. 



i’m going to be lazy and go with parks and rec, because i just binge watched all seven seasons and am sad 2016 will not see new episodes of parks and rec.



I read 21 books this year, which feels really low for me…but I also read a lot of comic books this year…anyway. I highly recommend; The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (It’s being made into a movie in 2016, and it’s good. It gets a lot of comparisons to Gone Girl, but I don’t think the “reveal” in this book is as interesting, I saw it coming). The Pale Motel and Teen Spirit by Francesca Lia Block (I didn’t see the “reveal” in either of these coming until the last second, super juicy, but quick reads). Yes, Please by Amy Poehler (Is it cliche to say something changed your life? This book changed me). Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera, and All the Rage by Courtney Summers, just solid teen fiction. 



taking the time to really figure out what i want out of my life and manifesting those things into my universe.


-2016 goals;

find fulfilling work

work/life balance

beautify my home life (my place kinda looks like leslie knope's)

revamp my wardrobe

eat better food

purge unwanted and unnecessary junk

spend more time outdoors



okay, so this is “funny”…while I was writing this, I was looking back and I found my goals from 5 years ago. It’s interesting to me how I completed most of them at that time, but now that cycle of my life has ended and I’m in a very similar place again… although, I still haven’t played dungeons and dragons. 


2011 goals;

-get a new job [the one i have will drive me crazy and ruin one of my relationships if i stay there for much longer].

-go to more shows [music and theatre. it's fun, good for the health, and something that needs to be done more often].

-get my fucking license [i'm 22 years old, this is just ridiculous].

-nurture my interpersonal relationships. [i feel like i have been throwing my own pity party and slacking on some of my relationships and this is clearly unacceptable. my friends are all i have.]

-start grad school/start my career [working a "job" just isn't my style. i have too much talent to let it go to waste at a 9-5].

-revamp my wardrobe [my size is changing and i'd really like to start dressing like a homeless ghetto hipster queen].

-handle my problems with strength, grace, and dignity [instead of crying and whining i will put on my big girl panties and take things head on].

-get another tattoo [i want like, five more. i need to get started].

-pierce my nose. (again) [i miss that little shiny hole in my face, it completed me]

-work on a piece of art every single day [i need to remain motivated and get things off of my artistic "to do" list].

-stand up for myself [i need to worry less about people loving me and more about people walking all over me]. 

-complete things on my bucket list [i'm tired of just looking at it and saying "someday". today is someday.].

-eliminate negative energy from my life [i'm over the drama. if you're not contributing to my life, then you're detracting from it. and i don't like it when people steal from me].

-travel [i miss nola, nyc, and everywhere i've been. i'm sure there are other beautiful places in the world for me to go to, fall in love with, and miss when i come back home]. 

--learn how to play d&d. 


have some random photos from this year, that i really enjoyed.