what the fuck is a lifestyle blog? who gives a fuck about anything i have to say? do i even have anything to say? these are questions i have asked myself regularly for the past month or so. i’ve owned this webspace for nearly two years now and couldn’t really figure out how to utilize it; i wanted to carve out a place for myself online, but didn’t know what that really meant. i’m still trying to figure it out. i just know it’s important to me. 


i love the internet. i always have. i also love blogging. i just love to write. blogging holds a special place in my heart. i started my first on greatestjournal back in the early 2000’s. there was something comforting about screaming into a void and every now and then hearing a shout (or more than likely a whisper) back. the internet is an amazing tool for communication and can foster a sense of community with people you never would have looked at twice, even if you were sitting in the same coffee shop. 


the longer i’ve hung out on the internet and done both formal and informal writing, the more i’ve enjoyed it, and the more i’ve come to realize other people enjoy both myself and my voice. and if that’s the case it doesn’t make a lot of sense to not use that voice.


i’m not entirely sure what form this blog will really take. i mostly have it in my mind to write about whatever the hell is interesting to me in that moment. and that’s basically how i’ve been living my life for the past two years or so; doing the things that interest me, saying yes to new things, removing negative energy from my space. it’s worked offline, so i imagine it’ll work online as well.


should you choose to stick around for the ride, you can expect a little bit of everything; pop culture puff, recipes, photography, social justice ramblings, personal prose, and (eventually) my original artwork as both a writer and a musician. 


at the end of the day i imagine this blog is a microcosm of my life, how i live it, and what influences that. so i guess it's a lifestyle blog.