Saturdaze and Sundaze

In my former life I was a mobile device/software technician for a very well known company. As it was a customer serviced based position I didn’t have weekends off. For five years (I worked in a restaurant for 11 months prior to landing that gig), I hadn’t had a weekend. I left the world of customer service in late May (more about that in a different post on a different day). Not only am I re-learning myself after making such a drastic change, I am re-learning what a weekend is. I’ve been to a show nearly every weekend this summer, I’ve been to friends’ weddings and parties instead of sending cards in my place, I’ve gotten some warm summer sun, I’ve had weekends. I think I love weekends. This past weekend was a perfect example of that. I spent time with friends, I spent time doing nothing, I had a weekend!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to meet up with part of the #nerdgirlgang (Kirsten, Sirose, and Sirose’s lovely husband Gabriel) to attend SoCal Corgi Beach Day. None of us own corgis. However, we love dogs, we love the ocean, and we love any excuse to hang out. I was asked to drive our motley crew, which means a lot to me as I just started driving in 2012 and used to have the worst anxiety over being behind the wheel. We gossiped and caught up as we barreled down the 405 to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach. By the time we arrived at 10:30am, it was already pushing 80 degrees! I had on jeans. I ditched them in favor of a sundress I had stored in my trunk (pro-tip, always have a few spare outfits in your trunk just in case). Within a few minutes I ran into a friend from my former career, Grecia. I love seeing her face, so that alone made the trip. Also, they were playing “Party in the USA” the second we set foot on the sand and am a Miley devotee. The event itself was amazing. Corgis! Corgis everywhere! In every color, shape, size, corgis!! They had free dog swag, a costume contest, photo ops…We mostly stood around overwhelmed by all the cuteness. My favorite was a little sweetness who was half corgi, half pitbull…body of corgi, head of pitbull. See below. When we reached critical mass we headed for a food truck where we saw more friends, Caitlyn and Andrew, and enjoyed a desert waffle provided by Wafl (a waffle food trucked based out of LA…check them out, it was delish). After having our fill of sun, sand, and corgis we headed to a cute little Long Beach eatery called Seoulmate. It’s Korean fusion food and I recommend it highly; I had a burrito with fried egg, kimchi, white lime rice, and some other yumminess. After parting ways with my pals on Saturday I took a nice lengthy nap and spent the evening reading and enjoying soda…until I ran out of soda and was forced to crack open a few beers. 

On Sunday I awoke to a text from my neighbor asking if I wanted to see an early morning showing of Ant Man. Of course I said yes. We hopped in the car, drove to the theater up the street and had popcorn and cherry Coke for breakfast. Lazy Ant Man review; if you wanna escape reality for two hours, have some laughs, and ogle Paul Rudd this is the movie for you…if you want to think about the deeper meaning of life, why are you watching a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in the first place? We ate too much popcorn and left the movie socially satisfied with aching bellies. I came home and took another nap! And then, I spent the most of the rest of the day in bed, just because I could and couldn’t remember the last time I had done that and not been ill. On Sunday evening I headed back to Long Beach where I had a lovely dinner at The Attic with two of my girlfriends, Annelisa and Michelle. If you live near Long Beach and haven’t eaten at The Attic yet, do it. After we were stuffed to the brim (I had two servings of Mac and Cheese in one day and I ain't even mad), I headed back home…took a preliminary look at what my work week had in store, read some more, and continued a weekend long game of phone tag with my best friend, Sami.

It wasn’t the weekend of legend. I didn’t go anywhere special or do anything extraordinary. I didn’t go dancing or see Sublime or Ed Sheeran like previous evenings this summer. It was just a simple pleasant two days filled with laughter and love. And before this May, I didn’t remember what those felt like. I felt like that was worth documenting and sharing.