September Playlist

We're right at beginning of my FAVORITE time of year. Crunchy leaves, pumpkin flavored things, horror movies, sliding into sweet potato pies, quality time with family and friends, the holidays at Disneyland, Christmas tree lots, AND CALIFORNIA'S SWELTERING FUCKING HEAT, BECAUSE THE SUN HASN'T GOTTEN THE MEMO I WANT TO WEAR SWEATERS AND BOOTS AND CAN ONLY MAKE SO MANY CUTE OUTFITS OUT OF JEANS AND TANK TOPS, BECAUSE IT'S TOO GODDAMNED HOT.

This playlist is a week late. I've been REALLY FUCKING BUSY. Concerts, Disneyland, Hair appointments, tattoo sessions, binge watching Stranger Things, drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc.

Also, still working on NEW BLOG/VLOG! format and direction and whatnot. Good things are coming. I've been saying that for over a year, but trust me. We're in this together.

Anyway. Here are some songs I really dig.  I tried to infuse some Indian summer* vibes into this one.

*As someone with Native heritage, and who also isn't an idiot, I am aware this term has fucking offensive origins. But literally every other phrase I found that describes the same weather pattern is also FUCKING OFFENSIVE, as well as not being well known. So, the writer in me deferred.