Thank You


*I stole this from a writing on Chipotle cup. It resonated with me. I hope the author doesn't mind. My gratitude game has been slacking in favor of my complaining game. 


My first love taught me what a power chord was. The girl he kissed in front of me, breaking my heart, apologized for hurting me and asked if we could still be friends. Cobain said, "Your writing has a common theme...resilience". My uncle drew me a color coded diagram when I said reading sheet music was too hard. Nicole helped dye my hair purple in a dorm room bathroom. Mike asked me how was doing after I had my wisdom teeth pulled and couldn't come to work. Some girl who's name I never learned sat next to me on a bench while I cried and told me it was going to be okay. My mom always answers the phone when I'm on the other end. Kirsten never gave me an A, because she knew I could do better. My fifth grade teacher bought me a copy of the book she had read out loud to our class for Christmas, because I liked it so much. Hailey and Jessi took me to Chipotle for the first time and paid for my burrito because I didn't have money. Anthony told me to always go out with my friends and make memories, even if I had to drink water and order off of the dollar menu. Sirose made a Facebook post asking if anyone was interested in being part of a group cosplay. Sami held my hand during my grandmother's funeral. James asked me to model for him. Richard agreed to my personal trainer when I wanted to be physically strong, because I was so emotionally weak. My other uncle got me tickets to go see Good Charlotte for my 14th birthday. My brother told me I wasn't a good writer. Davey Havok and Gerard Way we're both really kind when I met them, even though I was being weird and emotional. Chozzen went to see Black Veil Brides with me. Heaven Ashlee is never afraid to ask for help. Nico said "e-mail me your resume, I'll see what I can do". Jon and Chelsea consider me their friend. Miles and Rini paid for my favorite tattoo. Coco thinks I'm cool. So does Vivian. Sigma Kappa reminds me that there's a vision larger than my own. Annelisa is probably the dopest person I know. Jameson can talk music all night. Tara never gives me shit for forgetting to text her back. Joli said, "let's carpool!" Louie and Liz love sharing a good beer. My oldest brother first showed me Star Wars. Wendy Lau wrote me a letter of recommendation. Jamie asked me to be an advisor. Amber and Alicia showed me Seattle, and when Adam told me about a really cool bar while I was there, Bonnie and Shana checked it out with me. Beth helps me write melodies. Kirsten had lunch with me after getting her iPod replaced. Nicole texts me positive things. Caitlyn and I have a lot of the same opinions. Brittani always want to go out for pancakes. David, Tony, and Denise because my friends after being my teachers. Donna loves to dance with me. Eva is always willing to listen. Jonny throws great parties and gives good advice. Tommy asked me to write for his website. Jordan was my best friend. Cynthia made my Spanish better. Skyy told me to stop mean mugging; life couldn't be that bad. My aunt likes to get her nails done too, so we would go together. The sad guy at the burger stand said he liked my KISS shirt. The two kids in my neighborhood told me to believe in myself after I fell off of my bike in front of their house. My former boss tried to fire me.  You read my blog.