It's raining in Los Angeles today and I feel like I have ascended to my full power. It's supposed to go back up to 90 by mid-week, but I'm not letting that ruin my beautiful, glorious, rain filled morning. I've been listening to some emotional, gloomy, angsty music, and sipping my tea like it's the best morning of my life.

I read somewhere that it takes between 1-2 years for blogs to really settle into their niche, find their voice, and build their following. I feel really good about that fact, because I'm going to be changing and shaking things up around here again. I've been building a new plan, setting a calendar, getting things together. I've been really inspired by one of my best pals over at www.urbanavixen.com, Rini Foxworthy. Her blog is amazing; she's going to build an empire. 

This space is going to be solidifying it's voice and going through a small transformation into an alternative lifestyle blog. This really boils down to MORE POSTS with more diverse topics, and a new layout. That's always been my goal; to have a lifestyle/life/beauty/fashion blog for girls who are a bit more Hayley Williams than Lauren Conrad. However, I had a lack of resources and my life wasn't exactly where I wanted it to be in order to authentically create that content and at some point, I lost some of my passion and felt the blogging industry was bogus. I've written about there here. Things have changed; I've been re-inspired by the recent, positive changes in my life. So, keep your eyes on this space. Things are changing in great ways.

To the point of the post; here's the October playlist! Full of some old school, long time favorite, creepster jams.