War is over, if you want it - War is over now.

Okay. Confession time. I am not feeling the Christmas spirit yet. It's only December 5th and it's been super warm and sunny in Los Angeles (go figure), but that usually doesn't stop me. By Black Friday I am usually blasting Christmas music in my car until January 1st, buying gifts, spending extra time with friends and family, going over recipes for holiday get togethers, etc. And I'm just not feeling it yet.

The only Christmas song I've really listened to and been able to get into so far has been Maroon 5's version of "Happy Christmas" by John Lennon. This song has always hit hard for me, and I assumed it would again particularly because of our current socio-political climate. However, the other day all it made me think of was my own personal war. I have spent the majority of 2017 building on the hard self-work I did the past two years and really relishing that the hard part is over (for now). That I don't have to fight myself at every turn, that I can build and maintain healthy relationships, not just with other people, but with myself as well.  I intend to further that work through the end of the year and spend this last month of 2017 focused inward, so I can outwardly represent at my best.

So - here's a few things that I'll be implementing the next 25 days to end this year on a bright note:

  • Start creating a strategy for 2018.  I'm not sure what I want out of next year, and I know that this year played out in a completely unexpected way (I was maybe over ambitious in my goals), but I want to at least get a loose plan of what I'd like to accomplish - make resolutions early, plan some things for the blog, etc. 
  • Embracing FUN!  The Holidays are stressful as fuck, but they can also be full of fun and love, and I intend to embrace both with my friends and family.
  • Read – I signed up for a trial of Kindle Unlimited and goddamnit, I am going to read at least two more books before this year ends. 
  • Give up being critical.  I overthink and over analyze every minute detail. If you don't believe me, ask my mom or Phoenix. I want to let go, just a little bit the next few weeks. 
  • Turn up my empathy dial.  The Holidays can be HARD for a lot of people, for a number of reasons, and I am going to open my heart and be there as much as I can for whoever needs me.
  • Not holding onto resentment, letting go of old grudges, and clearing the slate. The Holidays bring up a lot of old memories for me - but I will not allow them to make me sad or bitter. It's over. It's done. I don't have to forget, but I can forgive for my own peace of mind.
  • Letting myself be swayed.  Going with the flow and landing wherever the wind leads me.
  • Practice being spontaneous!  I am a grade A control freak. I am going to try and let that go this month. 
  • Getting away and seeking something different.  I'm doing some new things with new people this month and I am excited to implement just a few small changes - new tattoo shops, new day trips, new nights out with new friends.
  • Trusting my intuition. My gut has been delivering some strong messages recently and I plan to listen more closely.
  • Exuding optimism.  Talking affirmingly, choosing the focus of my words carefully and re-framing the way I share what I feel. Again, the Holidays can suck, and I won't contribute to that negative energy this year - even if I'm currently feeling a little Grinch-y.
  • Connecting to my elders.  Spending time with my family is tantamount to me this time of year and I realize I need to be better about reaching out to certain members. 
  • Praying.  I will definitely be spending time communing with the universe and opening myself to whatever it wants me to know. 

In other news - the past few weeks have been great. I know I basically fell off the face of the earth (aka this blog) during Fall - but it was a magical few weeks and I was fulfilled and joyful. I hope you were too. 

I'm going to close this out with the November playlist AND my Christmas playlist - hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of it and maybe I'll start listening to it soon.