Autumn Mood Board

Well. It's officially been fall for a week. I feel...happier, freer, lighter. As I've mentioned to anyone that will listen my whole life - autumn is my favorite season. Hands down. I had a lovely summer this year; I really, truly did. Several trips, more than enough concerts, precious memories made with cherished friends, but now it's time for all things pumpkin - dusk, scented candles, hot cider, sweet potato pie, and everything scary and beautiful. 

As always, self-reflection is on my mind. In this season of harvest, what is my personal harvest? What have I brought into manifestation this year? How can I celebrate myself for hard work completed this year? My personal emotional harvest has been bountiful this year. I've really invested in the relationships that are important to me; I've taken time to discern which relationships feed me and what relationships allow me to feed into them. I am so emotionally fulfilled and nourished. Last fall I ended regular therapy with my therapist - we both agreed I was ready to move on. I have taken special care to make sure that my mental health is still a priority, since I'm "on my own" now. I feel better than I ever have as an adult. I've spent this last year nurturing myself; and I can see the results - not just in my relationships or my outlook, but in little things; like how often I'm able to do the things I enjoy, the size of my waistline, how rarely I feel the need to vent, the way others respond to me and my energy. I've manifested many things this year; work I love, more opportunities professionally and socially, my "ideal" body - my life is the closest it's ever been to what I imagined my life would be like as a child. How will I celebrate? I practice gratitude every day for at least five minutes morning and night; I never want to lose sight of the things I have. I will spend this season reveling in my bounty.

This fall I'm really focusing on just enjoying life - it's been a really weird year, I think we can all agree, and I'd rather end this year on a high note with optimism for what's ahead than go all Game of Thrones "Winter is Coming". I'm thinking a lot about texture - chunky sweaters, smooth faux leathers, soft velvets - and translating those textures into actions and emotions. Giving warmth and softness to those I love. Lots of writing. Warm drinks and pastries. Tricks and treats. Sad new wave songs. Old movies. Really focusing on what I love and letting everything else fall away like an old crunchy orange leaf. Settling in for the winter ahead. 

What are you looking forward to? Feel free to hit the comments. 

Until next time. 


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